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Doll biography presents you the history of my every doll – her real name, quality, and, the main thing, the posts she was featuring in on this site! Don’t forget to rate below if you like this doll.


Original name: Princess of England Barbie Doll

Nickname: Queen Jane

Hair: blonde

Eyes: brown

About her: This is my first Collector doll. It was a birthday present. I was so happy to receive her. She was bought new, in her fabulous royal clothes. It didn’t take long to choose an appropriate name for her – Jane (as the queen Jane Seymour). She was the very doll to give me the idea of historic posts – about English history. She featured in some of them representing Jane Seymour. Isn’t she a perfect queen?

Click on the links below to see where she features in:



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Pride and Prejudice. By Jane Austen. PREMIERE

“Pride and Prejudice” and what we can learn from the great novel. By Jane

Biography of the past. Jane Seymour

History of fashion. Regency era

What can we learn from the royals?

Fantasy in pencil

TV characters. Dawson’s Creek

Fantasy in pencil

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