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Giselle - Business lifeIf you often complain about how little time you have for your family, friends, hobbies and such, you might find my ideas helpful. It’s not impossible to find time, if you really need it. You just have to be well organised. And if you did not learn to do that, it’s never too late to learn.

time managementI’m often surprised how quickly some people can find time for their birthday, or some party they suddenly get invited to. These are the same people who always complain about not being able to schedule time for their housework, bringing in order their bedroom, or helping their mother with something if she asks. Strange, right? Well, actually, no. Everyone is able to do something they want, but not necessarily to do something they have to. The problem is that after some time of rescheduling and feeling guilty for the things that should have been done months ago, those things will still have to be done some day. And you will feel pressured and even depressed that you didn’t get it right.

time managementGet your schedule right!

First thing you need to know is that by careful planning of your time you might save a lot of it and it can be used for your later amusement. If you prioritise your tasks and decide what needs to be done right away you’ll escape the problem of forgetting something important. You know that you should work first and only then go to a party. You should take care of your kids and only later spend some time with you husband, or watch TV. Doesn’t it make sense? Well, then take a piece of paper and write all the things you need to get done in a day/week/month and so on and prioritise them. Then schedule the necessary amount of time for each of them. Some will be repetitive (like eating, cleaning the house, working), other need to be done once (calling someone, buying something). You should really write everything down.  Unless you see the whole picture you won’t be able to divide your time right.

time managementAfter making your schedule there is the fun part – sticking to it. You should evaluate if the scheduled time was sufficient for the tasks to get completed. Rearrange the tasks or the time needed for them because your plan has to make sense and help you.  Don’t get demotivated if you see that you need to rearrange a lot. It’s normal if you haven’t done such a plan before. But you don’t want to get depressed because you waste your valuable time, right? So, be a little more patient and you’ll see the results.

time managementFind a reward for yourself!

If you see that you finally have the plan that works, you will see that there are some tasks that are more hard to do than other. In these cases you’ll need to motivate yourself. That’s the great part! Think of a reward for yourself after the task will get completed. For example, you need to clean your house today and you sooo don’t want to do that. Think about something that you can dive into after you get your house clean – a favourite movie, your favourite dish and so on. But remember – it should really motivate you, otherwise, it won’t work. I found some of those things for myself and they work perfectly.

time managementDon’t waste any time!

When your scheduled time is right for your tasks then you will be also challenged by procrastinating. It’s a common problem for our society. Don’t worry – you’re not alone here. But you will need to fight this constant wondering about and thinking “Well, just one more hour and I will start with my tasks”. No, you won’t. You need to stop right now and start actually doing them! Otherwise, you will waste your precious time on nothing and then you will be disappointed in yourself for being a lazy cow. And that leads to the self-doubt, bad mood and eventual disappointment in yourself. And you don’t want that, I bet! So, after your plan is ready you will start writing down the time of your day that you’ve wasted on nothing. This is the time you had to do your tasks but didn’t do them. At first, you’ll maybe even see some hours wasted every day. But then you will be sorry for it and will want to improve. You need to! In my first week of writing the wasted time down I was so angry at myself that I started to hurry up a little bit and every following week my wasted time was reduced to almost nothing. Now I’m more happy because I do very many things every day and feel completely satisfied with my schedule. I wish the same to you all! Let me know how it goes and ask any questions on your way up to your successful time schedule!

Your time manager,


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