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How great would it be if you could learn anything you need right away? Without any effort? Well, yes, but you would not be able to remember it for a long time. Hm… So, what is the best way to learn things if you need it?

First of all, you should know the most important thing – there is nothing valuable in the world which comes without effort. Easy come, easy go – if you haven’t heard. In the matter of learning it means the same thing – whether you spend some time and patience to remember the stuff, or, if you’ve made it quickly, you just won’t be able to remember it and use the knowledge accordingly later. If you do the latter it will mean at the end that you’ve spent a little time learning it and then you will forget it. So, in a way you lost even this little amount of time because it was worthless…

Secondly, if you took more time to learn the things better it will prove to be more efficient because it will bring you more results. Choose for yourself!

Another important thing you should bear in mind is that no matter what method of learning you prefer it has to bring immediate results. I’ll explain.

If you have learnt something and cannot explain the whole thing in a few words it means you did not understand it correctly. You should be able to explain in to anyone. Imagine that you are a teacher or a parent and you have to explain to your child something which it hasn’t heard of before. Until you can do it you cannot think that the stuff is really in your head.

While learning, you should choose the best way to do it. If you better learn visually find some pictures on the topic or make your own draft. If you are auditory type of person (who understands better while listening) record yourself speaking about the topic and then listen to it several times. Try out as many different methods as you can and find the best one for yourself. If you are at school and your teacher insists on doing only one kind of work don’t mind that and do it at home as you like. The main thing is that it has to bring results, otherwise it’s useless.

If you are in a book shop and you have to choose a book on a certain topic that has to be explained take your time and take a look at all kinds of books. If you have a specific question and it should be properly explained to you find it in a book and read the explanation. If it doesn’t make sense to you then you don’t need this literature. If you cannot figure it out here, in the shop, you won’t be able to do it at home either. So, take your time!

A soon as you have chosen the literature, the method of learning and found the time for it be sure to plan your work beforehand. The atmosphere should be quiet but not too much – if you don’t want to fall asleep. Set as a goal to get done a topic/a chapter/ a rule in a certain amount of time and then give yourself a reward for it. This way you will be motivated and won’t waste your time on any unnecessary things like TV, talking to others and other stuff.

Don’t forget to revise the material! By following my advice you won’t be able to forget what you learn! I promise!


Your learning coach,


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