How to create luxury with little money


luxuryWhat is luxury to you? Why are there certain shops in the centre of each big city that not everyone can be admitted into? Does it make you jealous if you see some people walking into these shops? How do you feel when you see an expensive watch/car/dress (the list of the objects you dream of can be very long, I’m sure)? Do you need the luxury goods in your possession? Let’s see.

The shortest definition for luxury would be that it is something we cannot have right away. It can be anything. It is wrong to suppose that luxury are only material goods. Not at all. Have you noticed that sometimes people say something like: “Free time is a luxury for me…” It just means that they don’t have enough of it.


Everyone has their own opinion on what luxury is for them. Poor people would say – money. People from middle class would say – time, because they work a lot and don’t have even enough time to spend the money they earn. Rich people might say – love of the relatives, privacy, peace…

But there is also some material aspect, as well. We generally like beautiful, shiny things of a good quality. It can be a car, a house, a watch, a dress and many others. Have you noticed that no matter what thing we desire to get it is always a different feeling when we actually get it? It is not THAT interesting anymore, when we already possess it. What does it mean? Very simple – we want to have what we don’t have, yet.

So, what about this love for shiny, glittery jewellery, dresses, shoes, antique furniture and such? Why is it attractive, at all? I can understand wishing to have a cool car – you can at least use it. But why painting? Dress that Coco Chanel designed? The answer is – it makes us different from others. Have you seen at an auction – people fight for something, the price rises into heaven and then the one who pays the most – is the happiest possessor of, well, something that is old, has no immediate use and will just be admired by his guests at home. But it makes this person kind of exclusive. Everyone around knows that they have something rare, expensive, that no one else is allowed to have. That’s the

luxuryI won’t start here a discussion, that possession of luxury helps you grow your vanity and is eventually destructive to your personality. It’s not the point here, and we all know that anyway.

What if you just want to be a little bit different, not for the purpose of making someone else inferior to you, but just for yourself? It’s a quite nice feeling to feel that you possess something exclusive, right? It’s not that horrible and vain. And what can you do if you cannot buy something expensive? Well, let’s see.

You can think of things that make you feel special, or could do that, if you would possess them. First, it should be something non-material, because you don’t have the means, yet. Maybe, you wanted to start a new hobby and didn’t have the time for it. Or, you wanted to do something that you are not allowed to (we don’t talk about violating the law, of course)… Find a way to do it, especially, if your work takes a lot of your time. There is always a way, you know. You don’t have to start in big steps. Start on a small scale. Try to find at least 15 minutes a day for your new hobby, for example. Or, if your work doesn’t allow you to have any free time, call in sick for a day. Take a walk, buy something. I promise, it will help you to feel special this day. And that is all you want for now. You will only appreciate it if it’s rare. luxury

luxuryluxuryTheses are just two examples out of millions of other possibilities to create luxury of the things you don’t have in your life. I will continue next time writing about luxury in more detail. But now, I give you a homework – think of something you consider luxury for yourself. Not for others, for yourself. And then write to me below about that. I am highly interested in this area of our life and will be happy to discuss it with you, too.


Your luxury lover,


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    Thank you, Nadine
    It’s a great pleasure to know that you read my posts!This post about luxury is one of my favourites!


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    I'm Nadine and I just wanna say I LOVE YOU SITE. I've been reading your posts for several weeks now, you got some really nice fotos and ideas for dresses
    "Luxury is something we cannot have right away" –  that is absolutly true!

    Thank you

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