Home design tips from Barbie Fantasies. Part 7


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How to make your living room as comfortable as possible? Let’s see.

Library is the privilege of a large rich house. What to do if you don’t have that kind of home? Well, even a small room can have a cosy library or a reading corner. If you don’t have so many books yet then you can create from paper the illusion of them just by printing out on large paper sheets bookshelves from the internet. It will still look interesting and create this exceptional atmosphere of reading in this room. I wouldn’t recommend you to have many windows there, just a small one to have the fresh air. The evening light of a fireplace will add to this magical feeling of being at home and surrounded by literature.
Library (1)Library (2)Library (3)


If you have a little more space in your library then put there a billiard table (it looks so solid!) or a game of chess on a small table. You don’t have to use this room often but when you are in, it should give you the special atmosphere that we usually miss running through the daily life.

Library (4)Library (5)Library (6)Library (7)


To be continued next Saturday.

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