Home design tips from Barbie Fantasies. Part 6


Home design (1)

How to make your study as comfortable as possible? Let’s see.

I personally think that angled office desk is the most comfortable way to work. You have everything you need without having to walk to another place or having to reach too far. It gives you enough space for movements and can, by the way, be quite narrow at the same time. It would be perfect if you could have it near the window. Just bear in mind that your computer should not face the window because the screen will catch reflections form it.

Last but not least. Don’t clutter the working space on your desk. Many studies have proven that it only creates chaos in your head and keeps your work very disorganised. Keep everything on its proper place, especially, when you go to bed. Your next day should start on a clean place where you have enough space for your cup of coffee and where nothing distracts you from the work to be done.



To be continued next Saturday.

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