Home design tips from Barbie Fantasies. Part 5


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How to make your closet as comfortable as possible? Let’s see.

It is more practical to have your bathroom not far from the closet. If you prepare for going out the bathroom and the closet are usually needed equally often.

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Your cosmetic table has to be so well-organised that you should be able to find anything without any problems. Since make-up stuff and jewellery are usually small it doesn’t make sense to put all of them into one drawer. It would take you some time to find the necessary thing. Be careful! If you have small children or pets at home you should put those small objects as far away from their reach as possible.

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The closet should be put on the opposite side of the window to allow the natural daylight help you to see your clothes better. If you don’t have a window in this room put lights on the opposite side of it. It is also handy to have a small bank or a chair not far from the closet. While picking what to wear you can put several things there to be able to choose more easily.

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To be continued next Saturday.

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