Home design tips from Barbie Fantasies. Part 4


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How to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible? Let’s see.

Bedroom should be the most comfortable room in your house. If there is something disturbing there it should be get rid off immediately. Otherwise, how can you rest properly?

You might want to receive a friend or two there, as well, if you get ill and they decide to visit you. So, your bedroom should look neat enough for that occasion.

Beware that your bed should better be located further from the window if you live in a cold region and near to the bed if you are lucky enough to live in a warm country. The light from it should also not be falling directly on you if you are a late bird and don’t want the sun to wake you up in the mornings earlier than you wish.
Bedroom (1)Bedroom (2)Bedroom (3)


The colours should be calming and relaxing. Some people prefer blue, others green or yellow. No matter what colour you choose it must fulfil its function. I personally don’t like blue in the bedroom, although, many people say it’s calming. So I choose creamy colours. Do the same. It’s your bedroom and not the magazine of home design suggestions. If you don’t feel good around the stuff just replace it. It’s your home!

Bedroom (4)Bedroom (5)


To be continued next Saturday.

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