Home design tips from Barbie Fantasies. Part 3

Dining area

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How to make your dining room as comfortable as possible? Let’s see.

There are dining rooms where you can see that large dining table and many chairs around it. The only problem with this is that there are never enough guests in the house to occupy all the space there. Don’t do that. Buy only enough furniture that is needed. A large (half)-empty table looks lonely and gives an impression like you are in some sort of a castle. But castles are only pretty when there are many guests dancing and chatting. A large lonely place looks simply boring.
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For me personally a good dining room must have a beautiful sideboard with the most pretty china that you have. It is not only practical to have it at hand when you need it but also a huge decoration for the room! It should have the glass doors, of course, since you don’t want the dust to spoil the look.

Dining area (4)Dining area (5)


The kitchen area should often be aired and be large enough for you to cook several dishes at the same time. It would also be great to have space for the second or even third cook when your friends decide to help you with that, while preparing a large festive dinner.

Dining area (6)Dining area (7)Dining area (8)

To be continued next Saturday.

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