Home design tips from Barbie Fantasies. Part 2

Living room

Home design (1)How to make your living room as comfortable as possible? Let’s see.

A good living room doesn’t have to be large but it surely must fulfil all the needs of the master of the house. If you often receive guests your living room must be organised in a way that allows you to make some space free for dancing. If your guests are talkative people you should just be able to have a sitting area where they would feel comfortable while drinking something or having a snack and telling you the latest news.
Living room (1)Living room (2)Living room (3)


An appropriate living room should also be adopted for your being on your own – reading, writing something on your laptop. It should have a good lighting and not be clattered with unnecessary stuff.
Living room (4)Living room (5)Living room (6)

Decoration is also an important part of your living room design. Keep the intimate stuff in your bedroom or closet but show here your one and only expensive painting that you had finally bought after some time of saving money for it, or an extravagant vase that looked so appealing in a shop that you couldn’t resist buying it. All this might impress your guests if you wish to do that from time to time.

To be continued next Saturday.

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