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International Women's DayIn my articles on holidays I will take a look at a holiday that happened recently or on the day of the publication. I always thought it very important to celebrate. No matter what. It should be meaningful, though. You cannot celebrate something you don’t know nothing about and don’t care. It will bring you no sense of fulfilment and no joy. Every holiday should be symbolic. Well, relax and look at some holidays that I’m going to talk about.


Yesterday, on 8 March, the world celebrated the International Women’s Day. It is celebrated differently from country to country because it depends on the social structure of the society and traditions.

International Women's Day

The first time it took place on 28 February 1909 in the USA. It was started as a political event first but then was blended into traditions of many countries, especially, of the former Soviet bloc. Nowadays, it if often just an occasion for men to express their love and admiration for women they love.

In 2012 there is also an interesting theme for this holiday chosen by the UN – Empower women – End hunger and poverty. The idea is to praise women for their achievements.

Let’s not forget that throughout the history of the world women always had to struggle for their survival around men, for the rights to vote, for the right to be able to choose a profession and not depend on a man. This day reminds us once again what a huge step we’ve made. In one century we’ve achieved so much. We can work, dress the way we like, vote, say what’s on our minds and have equal rights with men, at least on the paper. Of course, there will always be some discrepancies between men and women. We cannot change everything, but we are moving into the right direction.  Let’s raise a glass to that!

International Women's DayInternational Women's Day



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