Holiday Fashion. The extravagant costume


Barbie fashion (157)I was never afraid to wear extravagant dresses, especially, for a special occasion. The short tight purple skirt has a transparent pink belt around my waist with an additional thin pink ribbon. The provocative pink top matches my wavy hair. I also wear removable sleeves that make my costume even more colourful. This kind of dress can be worn as a masquerade costume, as an evening dress (for very unconventional events) and any other places where this style can be appropriate.

Barbie fashion (154)Barbie fashion (155)Barbie fashion (156)Barbie fashion (157)Barbie fashion (158)Barbie fashion (159)Barbie fashion (160)Barbie fashion (161)

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    Thank you, Sandra!
    Yes, I think it’s exactly her style. She is such a beauty!


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    Thank you, Samantha!
    Yes, she is one of my favourites, too. Interesting is that her eyes always look different, depending on the light. It creates various facial expressions.


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    I love this doll Tarantino and your photos
    Hugs! n.n

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    I really love how you styled Tarina. Her hair is amazing! She is my most favorite Barbie doll ever and you've really captured her beauty!  Congrats!

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