Holiday Fashion


Barbie fashion (27)No matter what kind of holiday you are celebrating there is always a place for a lavish dress. Barbie is no exception here. Everything is appropriate. Everything is beautiful. Everything is special. If it’s a holiday.

Susanne looks as a medieval princess in everything she wears. Today she has a very special dress that I designed specifically for her. It is a large pink gown that could be suitable for any century in terms of fashion history. It can be a 17th century court dress, it can be worn by a Southern belle from the 19th century, or it can be a modern holiday dress for some lavish celebration.

She also has a lilac boa on, which adds some additional effect to the pink colour of the design. Pink feathers around her waist give a tender touch to the design. A beautiful large necklace aims to stress that the lady is also rich. The fabric is exclusive and priceless.

Barbie fashion (26)Barbie fashion (27)Barbie fashion (28)Barbie fashion (29)Barbie fashion (30)Barbie fashion (31)Barbie fashion (32)

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