History of fashion. Regency era

regency fashionThe fashion of the Regency Era (1795 – 1820) is one of the best ways to show the feminine beauty. It appeared in Europe as an attempt to abolish the huge crinolines and exaggerated forms of the previous fashion ears. The dresses were very closely fitted to the torso under the bust, falling loosely below, which is still the most recognizable feature of that fashion era.

There were different kinds of dresses, depending on the social class of a woman, of course. The women from upper classes had a morning dress for mornings and afternoons that looked more simple. And there were also evening gowns that looked more revealing and beautiful. My favourite part is that there was also a change of clothes to prepare for a meal. Certainly, there were walking dresses, travelling dresses and such, as well.

regency fashionregency fashion

A good lace was one of the most important parts of a good dress. Women’s dresses were judged upon based on the quality of their lace. Ribbons were another prominent feature of an extravagant evening gown.

A younger women would wear a dress that had softer shades of colours, like pinks, lilacs, blues. A more mature lady could be seen in something with fuller colours – purple, crimson, black. You can also notice this pattern in our adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice”.

regency fashion


We also love this era for the beautiful bonnets and gloves – there were always different kinds of them for various weather conditions. A lady would wear a high-waisted jacket when she was outdoors, especially, in the cold.

As of hairstyles women wore a lot of curls over the forehead and ears, which made them look more romantic and sentimental.

regency fashionregency fashion



We remember this style for its infinite beauty, lightness and soft colours and materials. It is special because it shows us a classic woman – tender, fragile, feminine.


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    Nice time, but personally, I prefer the Victorian clothing (second half of XIX century)

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