Happy New Year 2012!


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My best wishes to everyone for the year 2012!

I am an astrologist and would like to share with you my observations on every sign of the Zodiac. Every sign is unique and special. But we are all different and we all have some positive and some negative qualities. Here I would like to give you some advice, according to your sign, on what to work on in the following year.



You are very generous and emotional. It can be good and bad for you. On the one side you attract more people because of your openness. On the other side, some of them might use you for the wrong purposes. Watch out!

Be also aware that a total honesty, which is typical of you, is not always appreciated by people who don’t want to hear it.


You are very reliable and calm. Go on like that! You have patience to achieve many things and you are able to wait where many people wouldn’t. It’s a great quality! But learn also to be more flexible. Be more open to other ideas and suggestions. Your opinion is not the only one that counts. And don’t forget to spend a little more of the money you like to save so much. We live only once. Another day might not come. Live it today!




You are the most creative, talented and intellectually advanced! You can see through other people and know what they think. It’s a great gift! Try to use it to achieve great results at work and in everyday life. But don’t abuse your power against others, it will backfire. Learn to be more consistent in your tastes and opinions. Your sign is famous for being unpredictable and difficult to cooperate with. No matter how good your ideas are, be open to others.



You are very feminine and sweet. Every man feels good around you. Cherish your gift. But also remember that at work you should learn to be more straightforward. Don’t always listen what others have got to say, or they will leave you behind. Try not to take things too seriously, they are usually not worth it.


Every man is looking at you. They want to be around you all the time, because you have this grace and dignity with which you walk through life. You want to be admired and desirable to men. But be afraid of those men who hide their deceitful nature behind nice words. They are not worth your attention!





You are a perfectionist. It is your good and bad quality at the same time. On the one hand, it helps you to achieve great results and be satisfied with your success. On the other, it drives you crazy if you cannot accept the things you are not able to change. Relax a little bit! It’s not like the world will collapse tomorrow if you haven’t finished the job perfectly! Save a little of your energy for your next projects, it will also be good for your nerves.


You are so sweet and sociable. It is a great quality. You are outgoing and like to communicate. But sometimes you are not careful in our choices of friends. They might be wrong for you. Watch out more and don’t be too nice to the people who don’t deserve it.





Your wisdom and intelligence are remarkable. You can foresee many important things before they happen. But don’t be too sensitive about it. Don’t take everything too seriously it might ruin your peace within yourself. Learn to conquer your fears. They are the biggest enemies of our happiness.


If many people envy you – it’s for a reason. No one wants to achieve so much in such little time as you do. No wonder they envy you, because you very often succeed. Be careful, though! Don’t show off your achievements to everyone, as you like to do. Many don’t understand it. They think you are only bragging about it and that makes them inferior. People don’t like to be left behind. Learn to be more tactful, it’s much more appropriate for a small talk.



You always know what to do. It’s great! You always look ahead and foresee what might happen if. That is a great quality that brings you a lot of success on the way to the top. But be careful. It might drive you insane if you will think too much about the consequences and actually forget to enjoy your life. Be more simple and people will come to you. Not everything should be taken so seriously after all.




Your achievements in career are unforgettable! You are very talented in many areas of life. You know what’s wrong and what’s right and take the right path in your working situations.

Your personal life, however, needs more stability. Don’t trust everyone without looking carefully at the person first! It might be dangerous.




My sign is full of contradictions. I also tend to changeable behaviour, like Sagittarius and Gemini. And also, like them, we Pisces should learn to be more consistent and keep our mood in stability. It would save us some time worrying about the unnecessary stuff. We are very open and sociable. Let’s make the best of it and put our creative energy into something great!


These recommendations are very general. They have the purpose of getting your attention to the things in your character that need some work. We should always try to improve ourselves. Not only because of our friends, life partners, or a boss. It’s for ourselves. We will get the most of our lives when we conquer our deepest weaknesses! I wish you all success in your self-improvement in the next year!


Happy holidays! See you next year!



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