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The modern business life is very different from the one we had a century ago. Now we, women, are often in executive positions, we have more power and we rise higher every day according to our ambition.

As I am an ambitious woman myself, I can tell you – this is not easy to live in the harsh world of business people. Especially, if we talk about communication with men.

If you act rationally and decisively – you are a corporate bitch. If you get emotional at work men will tell that you have to stay home with kids. Is it fair? No! So, what is there to do?

Giselle. Business culture

Considering the advantages we, women, have in life these days I can tell you that this is normal to be judged by men in business situations. You cannot escape this faith. If you’re here, with them, on the same level, you have to take into account that they will envy, hate, or judge you. But I’m telling you it is not so bad. In fact, it is actually normal. What is there to do if the men around you are afraid of competition? Should you surrender? It’s stupid, isn’t it? If you are a modern woman, like I am, you should learn to live with it. We are not in the same place as we were centuries ago, where men brought home meat and we sat around the fire raising children. Time changes. Be glad that you don’t have to look like hell, as women did in the medieval times, you can dress up. Be glad that you can afford living on your own, without depending on men. You can have children without being afraid that you will starve. Isn’t this great? I think we live in a wonderful time. I wouldn’t change it. Not a bit! Today we can actually be proud of ourselves and not depend on the social position of our husband. It doesn’t matter so much anymore.

If the only sacrifice you should suffer is being a bitch, then be it. It is actually a lot of fun. Because if people envy you it means they are behind you! And you are ahead of them! So, I wish to you all – look ahead of you and don’t listen to anyone. There will always be people around you who are not afraid of your power or “bitchiness” because they know that it is the way it should be nowadays! These are your real friends.

Enjoy your life!

Always Yours,



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