Season Fashion


Barbie fashion (25)Every season has its own beauty that should be considered in clothing design. This spring I’m using vivid colours to reflect the inspiring season that makes us eager to wait for the summer.

Lucille is the perfect model for spring or autumn. Her wonderful hair, which looks like gold, absolutely fascinates us. She is wearing the black-and-yellow spring coat. Underneath it she hides a classic little black dress that is universal for every season. The coat is warm enough for the current season but not too thick, so we can see Lucille’s feminine silhouette.

Barbie fashion (19)Barbie fashion (20)Barbie fashion (21)Barbie fashion (22)Barbie fashion (23)Barbie fashion (24)Barbie fashion (25)

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    Oh, thank you, dear Samantha for your kind words!
    It makes me wanna make more pictures and improve the quality!


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    OMG, Your photos are so beautiful!!!  And your barbies are divine!!! n.n
    Thank you for taking the time to take pictures so beautiful

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