Famous heroines


1This collection shows the most interesting women in history and in literature that I admire the most.

In the first part of the collection you can see the wives of the most famous King of England, Henry VIII.

His first wife was Catherine of Aragon, who loved him very much, but did not give a son he wanted so much!

After he had got rid of her, he married Anne Boleyn, who gave him a daughter, Elizabeth, who became the most successful female monarch of that time. Since Anne was not able to give him a son as well he accused her of high treason and executed.


Then he finally married Jane Seymour, who was able to provide him with a son he so long wished for. Jane was the ideal wife for Henry – shy, modest, beautiful and faithful. But she died in childbirth far too young, she was only 29!


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Then Henry had to marry a German, Anne of Cleves. He did not like her really and that was the reason of the very quick break up.

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His next wife, Catherine Howard was only a teenager, when Henry married her. But she was not very reliable. He beheaded her after suspecting her of sexual liaisons with other men.



His last wife, Catherine Parr, was the example of the perfect wife. She always supported him and he trusted her completely. She is also the only wife that survived him.

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The second part shows the main heroines of the Jane Austen’s novels:

Catherine Morland, who loved gothic novels too much and got herself into trouble because of that.

Anne Elliot, who was too shy…

Fanny Price, who was very brave!

Emma Woodhouse, who was too superficial and self-involved

Elizabeth Bennet, who was poor but had a quick mind and dignity!




Scarlett O’Hara

The last part of my small collection is all about my favourite Scarlett O’Hara. I consider her the strongest, the most vibrant and independent heroine!



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