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Doll biography presents you the history of my every doll – her real name, quality, and, the main thing, the posts she was featuring in on this site! Don’t forget to rate below if you like this doll.


Name (meaning): it is one of the names that I wanted to use on a doll for a long time, but didn’t have the opportunity. I like this sweet name which suits her very well because of her gentle face and tender look in the eyes.

Original name: Barbie Princess of Holland

Hair: red

Eyes: brown

About her: Unique and remarkable face. I bought her very cheaply, even had the chance to get her in the original dress. I was so happy. You know, it was one of those cases, when the doll you buy, turns out to be even more beautiful when you hold her in your hands, then on the Internet before.

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In production.

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