4.8Here is my doll collection. It will be updated when the new dolls are bought.
Tell me below which doll is your favorite?


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    Thank you Catherine, you are very nice 🙂

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    Hi, again, Samantha
    It’s “Barbie Celebrate Disco Doll”. There is also the one that is called Whitney in my collection. She comes from the same label.
    They are really special with their side look and amazing, very natural hair!

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    What is the barbie Aileen?

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    Thank you, Helen!

    I love them, too. The most exciting thing about collecting is that there are so many interesting dolls and you never get tired of them. And every doll is special!

    I'm happy that you like them!


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    Charlene and Whitney are my favourites! And Eliza! Actually, I love all of them!

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