Barbie fashion



This is post 12 of 16 in the series “Wedding fashion” This is the most extravagant and rich dress, I’ve ever designed, except for the royal dresses. It has an unusual amount of cream material, the bride was very generous in her wishes to make the dress unforgettable for the guests on her wedding. Eliza, […]



This is post 11 of 29 in the series “Fashion” I was never afraid to wear extravagant dresses, especially, for a special occasion. The short tight purple skirt has a transparent pink belt around my waist with an additional thin pink ribbon. The provocative pink top matches my wavy hair. I also wear removable sleeves […]



This is post 11 of 16 in the series “Wedding fashion” This unique combination of the old and the new in the cream dress with a beautiful ornament illustrates that a classic big skirt for a wedding gown is timeless. Valerie’s shoulders are favourably shown, the skirt has an upper layer of material attached to […]



This is post 9 of 29 in the series “Fashion” Scarlett was in a mood for something exotic and she chose this long blue evening dress with some Eastern motive. It suits perfectly her raven hair and her hairstyle is adjusted accordingly. A thin yellow belt around her waist brings up the beauty of this […]



This is post 9 of 16 in the series “Wedding fashion” This bride prefers a quick wedding without much to plan. She is young, she is preparing to follow her career and she doesn’t have as much time as other brides do to choose a wedding gown. But she also wants to look tasteful and […]



This is post 8 of 29 in the series “Fashion” Mona has always had a perfect sense of style. Today she chose for her work a classic dress which combines black and beige colours and has a little black shawl with three golden roses. The weather conditions are not that important to Mona because she […]

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