Barbie by season



Whitney’s walk in the garden is very enjoyable. She is our April fairy. The warm spring month offers us some opportunities to wear something pretty and fashionable. Take her as example and wear some pretty clothes today. Just to cheer yourself up! See her below. Follow me



Emily is one of my prettiest and sweetest girls. She represents spring because of her freshly looking face and beautiful tender eyes. She takes a walk in a park if the weather is very sunny and warm. She enjoys the sun and loves the singing of the birds. Well, who doesn’t? See her below. Follow […]



Madeleine is the lady of this month. I love winter and snow. Her blonde hair shines perfectly on the snowy background of February forest. Her red outfit reminds us a little bit of the past Christmas holidays. See her below. Follow me



  Camilla is the fairy of this month. She represents January, the cold, mysterious month, right after the New Year holidays. She is blond, of course, because winter is identified with snow! This beautiful miracle of winter. See her below. Follow me



This is post 1 of 21 in the series “New Year and Christmas” My best wishes to everyone for the year 2012! I am an astrologist and would like to share with you my observations on every sign of the Zodiac. Every sign is unique and special. But we are all different and we all […]

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