Barbie by season

Barbie look according to the season



Although Lucille’s real name was “Barbie Top Model Doll Summer” I see her as an autumn lady. Not only her hair colour but also her beautiful a little sad eyes remind us that the warm summer is at an end and we can prepare for the cold cosy evenings at home. See her below. Follow […]



Who better than Letizia can be identified with this most beautiful season of the year – autumn. Her hair always reminds me of this time of the year where we can go outside and enjoy all these red-yellow colours of nature. See her below. Follow me



Scarlett. There are no words to describe her beauty, posture and elegance. She is a very special girl in my collection. her Southern charm is the reason why she is representing the summer month. See her below. Follow me



Miss June is Angeline, a dreamy, romantic and very young girl with pretty long curly hair. She is picking flowers in a beautiful garden near her cosy country home. See her below. Follow me

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