Capricorn. An astrological portrait. By Mia


Mia. AstrologyI start the regular series of articles on astrology. Every month I’m going to draw a portrait of the current astrological sign of this month.My goal is to show their negative and positive qualities and to recommend what you can learn from this sign to become a complete person. Everyone has their problems and we should all try to make the best out of ourselves. Remember that I do not claim the complete accurateness of my analysis. It is based on general traits of the sign. You should consider the educational, family and financial background of a person to have a complete profile. I will only describe the general traits here. Let’s do it together!

Capricorn. 22 December – 19 January

Capricorn. An astrological portraitUsually the Capricorn girls are not that attractive at the first glance. They are reserved, careful, disciplined and stubborn. It is not particularly good for a woman but that depends on how you will use your natural forces – for good or bad. Many “goats” are self-centred, are not afraid to criticise others, anxious, and deep inside are sure that they are better than others. They have a hard life and have to struggle a lot because of their reserved temper and inability to open up when it is needed. But most of their problems are created by themselves. Capricorns are often demanding of others, stubborn and are able to feel a strong sympathy and antipathy. The last thing might be difficult to cope with. Tend to hate someone if are offended. Do not forget easily. One of their mistakes is also that they tend to exaggeration and, as a consequence, allow their inner fear to influence their important decisions. They are famous for being social climbers. The social standing is very important to Capricorns which often brings them to marrying for money or for financial stability.

Capricorn. An astrological portrait1A woman of this sign is not an easy person to please, although, she will not show it. She observes a lot and makes her own opinion which is seldom contradicted. She strives to excellence in everything which makes the life difficult for her and those around.

As a boss she might be calm and tactful but she always knows what is going on and will never show her true feelings. That might be positive because the possibility of a conflict is minimal but, on the other hand, if you don’t know what she thinks you’ll never know how to react.

She does not acknowledge the defeat. She is the only one who will go on her path, no matter what.

Capricorn. An astrological portrait2She has many positive qualities, as well.

Capricorns are the ones who are not afraid of responsibilities. They can be very helpful at work of any kind, where you should be precise and careful. That is the reason why they are often so successful at financial dealings, teaching, administration, politics. Everywhere, where you would need a strong hand – there should be Capricorn. They always have plans for the future. They know what will happen in ten days, ten months and ten years. They seem boring at times but these people possess a very strong sense of beauty inside. They just often wait for the right moment to express it because they don’t like to make mistakes in judgement. This is the best example of a workaholic person. Capricorns are happy at work. They like to do it, are not afraid of difficulties and encourage others to join them. They are always in control, no matter how they feel, which is one of the most important advantages at work. Work is work, fun is later, thinks Capricorn. Their realistic nature appreciates every moment in life and this is one of their best features. They don’t like to waste anything – money, effort, and, most of all – time. Their time is precious for them and they always know what they want which helps them to plan ahead very successfully.

CharleneThey respect traditions, are faithful in marriage and are very reliable. Their clairvoyance helps them to survive very difficult times and always win, no matter what happens.

What can you learn from Capricorn:

  • – discipline
  • – tact
  • – persistence in achieving their goals
  • – plan ahead
  • – careful
  • – know what they want in life

Your astrologist,


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