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jane seymour

Biography is one of the most fascinating topics. When we read or watch someone’s biography we can not only learn some facts about their life but also understand why these people were the way they were. It helps us understand our own lives better if we read carefully.

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jane seymourJane Seymour (1507-1537) – Queen of England 1536-1537

Jane Seymour was the third wife of a famous English King Henry VIII who is still remembered for being married six times and for decapitating two of his wives. His controversial personality is still being talked of and represented in many movies and books. But today we’ll take a look at his wife, Jane, who was a total opposite of Henry and whom he loved most.

Jane was a descendant of a King Edward III of England and succeeded Henry’s second wife, Anne Boleyn, who was executed for high treason. They got married on 30 May 1536, although, Jane was never crowned officially due to a plague in London and the risk of infection.

jane seymour

Jane was shy, modest, obedient and beautiful – everything her King desired for after being married to ambitious and power-greedy Anne Boleyn. Henry wished to have a woman whom he could trust, love and, not the least, who could finally provide him with a male heir.

That was exactly what Jane did and what distinguishes her from Henry’s other wives. She was the only one who gave him a son he had long been waiting for – Edward VI, who was born on 12 October 1537.

Jane was also famous for her beautiful embroidery. She was very keen on that and her work was distinguished for being remarkably well-made.

Henry’s daughter from his first marriage to Catherine of Aragon, Mary Tudor, had difficult relationship with her father. She was estranged from him, he did not want to see her very much because of his complications with her mother. But during Jane’s presence at his side Henry renewed his connection to his daughter. Jane tried to do everything in her power to return Mary to court. They became true friends until Jane’s death.

jane seymour

Unfortunately after giving birth to their son, Edward, Jane soon died of complications. Henry was not himself for art least three months. He wore black and did not marry for the next three years. It was a difficult time for him because there were discussions and suggestions made to him which wife he could choose to have next. Jane was the only wife of Henry’s to receive a queen’s funeral. She was buried beside him.

Why do we speak of her? Well, because Jane Seymour represented the true English Queen of that time. She was obedient, she knew what to do and how. And she could please her King, which not every wife could do. Jane is also remembered for her beauty – fair hair, gentle features and endless patience to her fury husband.


jane seymour

Jane Seymoure

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    Hello, Samantha
    It’s amazing that you thought of Anne! I’m doing right now her biography, which is going to be published in April. The great coronation dress was done just yesterday!

    Read about Anne in April!


    PS. Thank you for the idea about Lucrezia!

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    Interesting. Do not you like Anne Boleyn?   I wish you to do a biography of her!  I think it's a fascinating woman, along with Lucrezia Borgia *o*

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