Biography of an actress. Kate Winslet


kate winslet

Kate Winslet is an exceptional dramatic actress. She is a great example of a truly unique acting style.

See her biography highlights in a beautiful slide show.

Click on the grey button “Read more” below to open the post and view the slide show.

Press the left button below the slide screen to enlarge to full screen view! Tell me if there are problems!!

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    Thank you, dear Samantha!
    I agree, Kate is, for me, the most elegant actress on red carpet. I also wanted to make her Oscar dress, which she wore, when she received one for "The Reader", but I didn't have the right fabric.
    But still "Titanic" dress is in my collection!
    I'm happy that you like her.

  2. //

    OMG, I love this doll and I love Kate Winslet, so beautiful and elegant… Your work Catherine, gorgeous!!

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