Biography of a model. Heidi Klum


Heidi Klum (5)Heidi Klum is one of the top-earning international models. She combines a lively nature with European beauty. She is famous not only for being a model but also as a TV host and has huge numbers of fans all around the world.

Heidi was born June 1, 1973 in Germany, Bergisch Gladbach (near Cologne). Her mother was a hairdresser and her father a cosmetics company executive. Heidi enrolled in a modelling contest “Model 92” and won. This victory brought her a contract with metropolitan Models New York.

Since 2002 Klum was one of the lucky models starring on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which was the fulfilment of her biggest dream, as she said herself. She even hosted the 2002, 2006, 2007 and 2009 Shows. In 2010 she left the show. Heidi  appeared on the covers of many fashion magazines, like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire… Now she is hosting “Project Runway”, where fashion designers compete for the opportunity to present their fashion line at “New York Fashion Week”. The show became very popular and Heidi also hosts another show in Germany “Germany’s Next Topmodel”.

Heidi also appeared on several TV shows, including “Sex and the City”, “How I met your mother” and other.

Heidi became Barbie’s official ambassador in 2009!

Her personal life has experienced several ups and downs. After her marriage in 1997 to a stylist Ric Pipino and their divorce in 2002, Heidi began a relationship with the managing director of “Formula One”, Flavio Briatore. A year later she gave birth to a daughter Helene. While still being pregnant she started dating the singer Seal and they became engaged in 2004. They have three children together but, unfortunately, the couple filed for divorce in April 2012.

No matter what Heidi’s personal life will look like in the future, her lively manner of presenting herself will help her to remain popular and admired. She is not a high and mighty model, like some others around her. She remains down to earth and sweet. We wish her a happy professional and personal life in the future!

Heidi Klum (1)Heidi Klum (2)Heidi Klum (3)Heidi Klum (4)Heidi Klum (5)Heidi Klum (6)Heidi Klum (7)Heidi Klum (8)

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    Hey, Samantha

    Your praise is very much appreciated!
    I would say my Heidi looks more dignified!

    If you like this Barbie, I suggest you have a look at my other creations (if you haven’t yet).
    The doll’s name is also Heidi and she is opening my very first (and dearest because of that) “Barbie Wedding Collection” from the last year. See in the Archive.

    Actually the name of this doll was more inspired by Heidi Montag. I think they have great resemblance.

    Heidi also shows her best in her article “How to create luxury with little money”.

    Thank you for your nicest words!
    Truly Yours,

  2. //

    Dear Catherine:
    You're right: the barbie Heidi has many eyelashes, the skin is too tanned and has not a good face. Nor do I like the dress she wears is too bright sequins so, lol. Well, I admit that I have a weakness for mackie mold, is my favorite, maybe because I prefer to barbie holiday 2009. But objectively, the holiday 2009 is much more beautiful than the barbie heidi original. For all this, I insist that you made the right choice with holiday barbie to represent heidi 🙂

  3. //

    Thank you, dear Samantha
    You know, you’re right! I don’t like the original Barbie Heidi either. Maybe, she has too many eyelashes, I don’t know.
    My Heidi is not that similar to the real Heidi but I think her style is accurate. I’m happy if you find her suitable for the impersonating.


  4. //

    This barbie holiday 2009 is really beautiful, I'm so glad that you have chosen, because the original barbie Heidi is not so gorgeous, in my opinion. Your photos are beautiful as always and very well chosen the barbie!

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