Barbie’s tasteful nudity


No comments. The pictures speak for themselves!

DSCF1001DSCF1002 (2)DSCF1002DSCF1005 (2)DSCF1007DSCF1009DSCF1010 (2)DSCF1016DSCF1017DSCF1019 (2)DSCF1020DSCF1021DSCF1024 (2)DSCF1027DSCF1030 (2)DSCF1030DSCF1032DSCF1034DSCF1035DSCF1036DSCF1037DSCF1038 (2)DSCF1038DSCF1039DSCF1041 (2)DSCF1041DSCF1042DSCF1043DSCF1044 (2)DSCF1044DSCF1047 (2)DSCF1049 (2)DSCF1049DSCF1050 (2)DSCF1050DSCF1051 (2)DSCF1051DSCF1052DSCF1053DSCF1054DSCF1055DSCF1056DSCF1047

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  1. //

    Wow, the barbies without clothes looks also not bad. But I like they dressed better.
    However it still interesting to see other representation of they look. Thanks for your work!

  2. //

    Thank you, Steven for your constructive criticism!
    The wedding collection is also my favorite!
    The last one is totally different, of course!
    But I think that diversity is very important.

    Have a nice day!

  3. //

    well I like it, but it's not your best work so far. I kinda liked the wedding coll better.
    Still good job. Keep it up!

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