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    Thank you, Clea!

    The girls are happy to hear that.

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    hej  sweet barbie/cathy ,i really love the way you talk about our/your barbie-dolls……if they are really

    alive….she and her girlfriends are our girlfriends to and they are beautiful to see

    them every day in new photo-sessions……thank you again for the lovely pics…..

    sweet lovely little kisses from your girlfriend clea xxxxxxx

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    Thank you, Sweetie!

  4. //

    This got my attention.  LOL!  Great photo story!  Love the pics as always!

  5. //

    Thank you, Clea!

    Yes, the girls had some fun, while filming this.

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    hoi sweet cathy,i didn't know that our barbie is sometimes

    such a naughty girl,but she's still a beautiful woman even if

    she is almost undressed……..lovely little kisses xxxxxx clea

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