Astrid on the Royal wedding of the Princess Viktoria of Sweden


As I am a descendant of several European noble families myself, I can assure you that I’ve attended several royal weddings. This is not easy for a royal bride to choose her wedding gown. It should not only be beautiful, white, and of good quality. It should also be royal. How to achieve that, you ask? We’ve seen many royal weddings in Europe and we’ve seen many dresses but my personal favourite is the one of the Princess Viktoria of Sweden, who got married last year.

Today we have a unique opportunity to talk to the famous fashion designer, Lola, about her recreation of the Princess Viktoria’s dress that you can see in the picture here.

Barbie Lola (2)

Barbie Lola (1)

Astrid: Dear Lola, tell me why did you choose the wedding dress of the Princess Viktoria for your recreation?

Lola: First of all, I like the Princess very much and think that she is the sweetest person from all of the royal  families. I’ve always liked her a lot and as I learned that she is finally getting married to Mr. Westling I was very happy for her. As a designer, I also was very eager to see her wedding dress.

Astrid: So, after you had seen it, what was your first impression?

Lola: I was absolutely delighted to see how beautifully it fit her! It was very much Princess Viktoria, I think!

Astrid: What makes you say that? How can you see it?

Lola: You know, every woman has her own style. She has her own unique hair colour, skin colour and her own figure. It is not easy to choose the right gown because (and not every woman knows that) white is a difficult colour to match with your skin. It does not suit everyone! Some brides can look pale in it, while others may look quite nice. I think this colour is very advantageous to the skin of the Princess Viktoria.

Astrid: And what can you say about the design of the dress itself?

Lola: That is my favourite part! I can say that I’ve never seen a dress so simple in its form and so elegant at the same time. It looks truly royal to me! The Princess’s figure has good proportions, is very feminine and this dress could have made her look a bit large but it doesn’t. And it also has no ornament, which many royal dresses usually have. We can see the modern bride here. She does not go for a lot of jewels to show that she belongs to the other class. She looks a bit like one of us, but not quite! That is the modern royal bride to me.

Astrid: Did it take a lot of effort to recreate the fabulous dress, Lola?

Lola: Oh, yes! It took several weeks to get it done! It was very difficult to choose the right material, because I could not get the same one for my copy of the dress. While my whole studio was doing it, we had to wash our hands every hour in order not to spoil the white color of the material. It was a very difficult project!

Astrid: Are you happy with the results?

Lola: Yes, I am. As always, through hard work you can get good results.

Astrid: As I’ve recently learned, the model, wearing the dress on the photo, is also called Viktoria.

Lola (laughing): Yes, that’s true! I was very fortunate as to find her among my dear friends. She is, in fact, very similar to the Princess. She is also very sweet, friendly and stylish. The only difference is that the name of our model is spelled V-i-c-t-o-r-i-a, with a C instead of K, because she is not Swedish.

Astrid: Dear Lola, thank you very much for your great work and the time you have found in your busy schedule for this interview. We are looking forward to your other projects!

Lola: Thank you, Astrid. At the moment I am working on other wedding dresses that we all have seen on TV. See you next time!

Astrid, the royal journalist

See the gallery here:

Princess Viktoria Barbie (1)Princess Viktoria Barbie (2)Princess Viktoria Barbie (3)Princess Viktoria Barbie (4)


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