Aquarius. An astrological portrait. By Mia


Mia. AstrologyI continue my regular series of articles on astrology. Every month I’m drawing a portrait of the current astrological sign of this month. My goal is to show their negative and positive qualities and to recommend what you can learn from this sign to become a complete person. Everyone has their problems and we should all try to make the best out of ourselves. Remember that I do not claim the complete accurateness of my analysis. It is based on general traits of the sign. You should consider the educational, family and financial background of a person to have a complete profile. I will only describe the general traits here. Let’s do it together!



Aquarius. 20 January – 18 February

DSCF1008 (5)They love to shock everyone. These people are not afraid to tell their opinion in a decisive manner and are prepared for an argument.They tend to trust everyone which might be dangerous for them. They love communication and are always eager to get to know new people. Although, Aquarius is not able to communicate with the same people all the time. They easily get bored and it is no use to get upset because of that. It’s just their nature, they don’t mean to offend you. People who are born in this period are very curious and eager to learn new things.

They tend to change jobs during their lifetime and are open to any new experiences. Sometimes they lack some practical approach in their career choice which may lead to problems in future. The nature of these people is always exploring new things and like to have a look at the future. This is why they have a risk to remain misunderstood and alone thanks to their too progressive ideas.Sometimes they talk too much about themselves and think that everyone is interested and eager to get to know them better.

3.19Ask for an advice but forget to follow it. When they are confronted with failure tend to blame others rather than themselves. Although, very sociable but do not easily accept someone else’s opinions. They possess a certain degree of tactlessness when it comes to expressing their opinion. They might even get rude. Their eccentric nature fits perfectly into any artistic society. You might find them among actors, producers, poets and any other kind of creative people. Aquarius loves adventure, new surroundings and does not like to be bored. This is not the kind of people who will long for something stable in their life.

They like to travel, make new acquaintances and enjoy life in every possible way. This might become problematic for their other half. You will have to wait for them for a long time before they will want to get married. Usually they marry later than their friends. They choose among many people and try to find their ideal. Be prepared to be patient!


CécileIn spite of their sometimes quite difficult personality people born under this sign have numerous positive qualities, too. Aquarius is absolutely happy if people need them. They are very communicative and friendly. They think that everybody is a friend to them and can be a very selfless friend themselves. Their artistic nature can always suggest some original ideas in business, entertainment and many other areas of life. They can speak very convincingly which helps them to get more people on their side than many of us would only wish. They hate lies and hypocrisy, which is why these people can become very unfriendly to those who do not respect that.

Aquarius understands human psychology quite well and is always eager to learn new things about the human kind. So, often they would study philosophy, history and other similar subjects. In every field they can develop new ideas and theories which some people might not understand at first but will appreciate later when the time comes. The flexible character allows them to choose almost any profession and be very good at tit if they choose to. Aquarius can be creative and practical at the same time. They are famous for being lucky in any business area they have chosen.

DSCF1018 (3)What can you learn from Aquarius:

Willingness to meet a challenge


Creativity (yes, you can learn that)!

Optimism no matter what!



Your astrologist,


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