Advice – Utilizing your Barbie boxes for doll stands

DSCF0494Wonder what to do with the Barbie boxes you’ve got left? Some of them are beautiful and you don’t want to throw them out. Here is how you can use them as shelves for doll stands. You just fixate them onto the wall horizontally and then put threads so that they can be fixed on the wall. The stands will remain secured and won’t fall down.








Creating an evening atmosphere on your photos

When I need to create an evening, while taking photos of my dolls, I just use my usual table lamp. It should stand near the place where the dolls are with the light streaming directly where it should. You have to be careful, though, not to put the lamp too closely to the dolls because their faces can look too yellow afterwards. The lamp should be put 50cm away from the dolls.

How do I curl Barbie’s hair?


This is my favourite tool for curling her hair. It’s the thinnest one I know which makes the result look more natural. If you use a bit of hair spray it’ll hold the style for a long time. I’m satisfied with the results.


Why have I started using Pinterest

I recently read about the most popular social media and Pinterest was the third after Twitter and Facebook. As I looked at their page I saw that there is only useful stuff if you want to share your pictures and make nice thematic pin boards. It is really good for your work with Barbie. For example, if you want to sew something, you can use Pinterest while pinning there some pictures you found and then using them for your inspiration. I quickly had some followers after I only published some of my Barbie pictures. I find it a great source for sharing common interests and what I like best is that people follow you if they are really interested in your content!

Meet the Barbie expert – The Fashion Doll Review

I’ve never seen so much valuable information on one site as I did on The Fashion Doll Review. The author, Alison, does a really amazing job by offering very useful links if you want to buy a new fashion, vintage or a ball-jointed doll. She publishes podcasts and offers an overview of all the important news from the world of a true doll collector. Seeing how much effort she puts into this site makes me feel great that so many truly talented people are inspired by dolls!

If your Barbie doesn’t have much hair…

What to do if your doll doesn’t have thick hair which can be arranged as you like and always look beautiful? Well, I’ve solved this problem by pinning her hair up. It helps to hide that she doesn’t have good volume and makes her look appropriate for almost any circumstance. Don’t forget to use some gel on the hair-ends if her hair is a bit frizzy. It will create a more accurate look.

Hand-made Barbie dining room

If you wish to make yourself an exclusive Barbie furniture you can do it. It’s not that hard. It won’t have the same polished and perfect design as a plastic piece of furniture does, but it won’t be found in any other collector’s Barbie room. Here is how I made a dining room for my dolls. I took a piece of carton in a form of a round circle and put it on a firm plastic piece which was once a yoghurt pack. It was now a table leg. It should be stable, so that your table won’t shake. How the chairs are made you can see on the photo.


The straight carton pieces are just folded and glued together. Every piece of this furniture is covered with a sheet of white paper which has an ornament that I printed out in black-and-white and then drew with a fine liner the colours that I wanted. It’s all not perfect, of course, but very stable and there is enough place for the dolls’ legs under the table. Don’t mind the numbers – they are only on the photo, they help me to organise my furniture collection.

Flickr for your Barbie photos

If you sometimes publish online photos of your dolls, I think you are interested in how to get them seen. The best way is social media which offers a huge range of various networking sites for your communication. But not everyone should join Facebook, LinkedIn and other very popular sites because it all depends on what do you use them for. For photos my best choice was Flickr so far. You can not only share your photos but you can also find a huge amount of Barbie photos from other collectors. It’s the best place to find people, you have something in common with, if you are Barbie collector. One of the best features there are Groups. These can be created by the Flickr users and you can easily join them. There you find many photos based on the topic of the group. Flickr is very easy to manage and has a quite simple layout, so you won’t get lost there. All the best Barbie friends that I have were found on Flickr!


How to choose the right dress style for your Barbie

We love these dolls because they are all so different as people are. Only people who don’t collect them think they are all alike. So, how can you choose the best dress style for your doll? Let’s see. You know that Barbies have different body types. So, I think, you should choose the dress that brings up the best in every body type. If you have a model muse Barbie – then you can take a tight dress that would bring up the beautiful body line. If it’s Fashionista – you can consider some clothes for a cold season, like a coat or something princess-like, because the jointed parts of the body will be hidden and the pose can be arranged at your wish, thanks to the flexibility of this kind of dolls. A girl with a TNT body doesn’t have a great silhouette because her hips are too narrow and her shoulders are too bright. So, dress her in some big skirt with a tiny waist but try to hide her big shoulders. Considering the body types of your dolls will help you to bring up the best in your collection! Have fun! Ask any questions if you want my advice!

How to photograph a Fashionista Barbie

We all love dolls with Fashionista body. They can pull off what other, mostly decorative, dolls cannot (model muses and such). A Fashionista body is very flexible which provides us, collectors, with  great variety of ideas for photographing them. But they have one a very serious flaw. Their joints are very distinctive and visible on any photo which kind of spoils the whole picture. Let’s be honest – they are not pretty.

So, if it’s a problem for you, too, try to hide them under a skirt, pants or just not photograph them. It will make a much pleasant picture if these joints don’t show.


Barbie’s hair can match her dress, too!

Have you ever wondered why sometimes Barbie look very natural and like she was born in this outfit? Well, that’s because, like with people, if she wears clothes that match her hair, it looks really complete. It is quite easy to achieve. You just combine two colours in her outfit and make sure that one of them matches her hair. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the completely black outfit for a brunette, unless, you want her make as if she’s going to a funeral. Have some variety! Either pick at least two colours for the outfit (with one matching the hair colour), or choose a dress of one colour but then it shouldn’t match her hair. Of course, there are exceptions, but in general, it would be appropriate to follow this rule. See my experiments.

Why do I always cut Barbie’s hair after buying her

Every time I buy a new Barbie I’m faced with the same old problem – her hair is unevenly cut and looks a bit frizzy. I seldom see the Barbie girls with the hair which is cut in a way that I can leave her as is, if she has straight hair. If you’ve noticed the same thing and that bothers you I offer the following advice: just take your scissors and make the hair even. It takes just a couple of minutes and then you Barbie will look great. I did this with many of my dolls already and it helps not only make her look better but also to adjust the hairstyle easily in the future. See here my examples

What to do with Barbie dolls who have those girly faces?

You’ve certainly noticed the dolls who were made mostly for the children to play. Those Barbie dolls have nice, always smiling, faces, blond hair and typical blue eyes. While they look pretty cute and we sometimes buy them, as collectors, we face a small problem that those nice girls don’t look as cool as those who come from the Barbie Basics collection, when we bring them home and put beside the dolls who are made for collectors. We still like them but they do look a bit too simple in comparison with some “Marilyn Monroe” Barbie, any of the Basics and those alike. What can you do if you want to make the “simple” dolls look more mature and unique? Well, I tried to change their hairstyle. You have noticed, I’m sure, that many of the typical Barbie dolls for children have the standard hair length. Well, I cut their hair and I was very pleased to see how much their look changed. Now, I can say that all of my girls have a unique style and complete each other so perfectly!

Using Twitter if you read or blog about Barbie

I’m not a fan of social media and think that a lot what happens there should be thought through much more. But still, there are some things we could use on social networks. For example, Twitter helps you not only promote your blog posts (other sites can do that, as well) but also to find new visitors if you are looking for them. By following someone else you show your presence on Twitter and other people who follow the same account/persons as you do, can see your profile as a suggestion for them to follow, too. It works easy and fast and doesn’t cost you any time, whatsoever. I’d have to say it doesn’t necessarily mean that you find always the right people as your followers. They might follow you because they want to be followed back. But you can make your presence known. I use it in order to find other Barbie fans or collectors. By interacting more with people, you find more friends who share your passion. You can follow me here Twitter


Why do I buy Barbie only on eBay?

As I started my Barbie collection in 2010 it was pretty hard to find a good doll for a reasonable price. The thing that I couldn’t understand was why Barbie dresses cost so much. So, I noticed on eBay that some dolls are sold on auction – that was a good start to try to buy them if I wanted their dress, too. But when I saw a doll that costs much but I don’t need her dress I noticed that some eBay sellers sell nude dolls. That was a great solution for me, especially, since I like to make dresses myself. And – I could save a great deal of money, because the dress often cost almost the half of the doll’s price! (For example, I bought my Lola “Tarina Tarantino” nude for only 30€, although, she cost almost 100 dressed-up in this little green dress – but let’s face it – it’s not that precious!). When I could see that by buying a nude doll I could save money which could be used to buy some other dolls – I’ve decided that it will be my favourite way to buy Barbie!


When you should start/keep blogging about Barbie?

You know that you should if you cannot hold yourself anymore! If you start looking for ideas or purpose of the blog, it might be difficult to go on. See here why I started my blog.

How to avoid extreme brightness of your photos

If you have a pretty blonde Barbie to photograph you should keep in mind that sometimes you’ll need to reduce the brightness of the photo. This is necessary  in order to avoid a totally white picture because your camera is sensitive to the white colour and the hair of your Barbie, if it’s really white, will add a lot to the extreme brightness of the photo. The same is true for the cases when your doll wears a very white dress (like wedding) – your photos might also be too white, if you won’t reduce their brightness afterwards, or before you take the photo. Try not to make any flash, if possible, and maybe use the natural sun, if it’s available. If you have a good camera, reduce the brightness before you take the picture. If your camera is not that great make a picture preferably without the flash and then add brightness in your photo editing software (See me experiment in my first Wedding Collection). You might also want to add some contrast. I always use PhotoScape, which is still the best free software available on the internet. Share with me your experiences.


Barbie hair is a fragile thing

Barbie’s hair will soon look damaged if it is very soft. Try not to experiment much if it is the case. There are not many possibilities to keep it look good if you comb it a lot. Always consider the hair type of the doll before starting your experiments. See here my Exclusive hairstyles photo shoot.


How to design your Barbie blog

The design of your Barbie blog should be the way you like, of course. The colours should better be pleasant and the font not transparent. You wouldn’t want your readers to get tired while reading your posts, would you? Take a clear font on a clear background. They should make a contrast altogether – that would make it more readable. Don’t use too many different colours. It is disturbing. Your visitors should be able to get oriented easily if you want them to stay on your page. Experiment and ask other people how they perceive the look of your site and don’t be afraid to change it. I do it all the time and my audience is growing every day! Here are the examples that I like Van’s Doll Treasures, Papusilemele.


How to choose the right jewellery for your Barbie

No matter if you make it yourself or buy, the piece of jewellery should not be too large for your doll. I saw many times that Barbie has an oversized necklace or earrings and it looks really bad because it is apparent that it’s made for a doll and doesn’t look natural. You’d like your doll to look great, don’t you? So, make the beads smaller if you can. It will be still visible on your photos or if you take a closer look at the doll. Don’t spoil the beautiful tiny neck. See here my examples.


Doll Observers – The best social network about Barbie

I recently joined the best social network about Barbie. Here you can meet your soul mates, who share your passion in collecting Barbie. They exchange ideas, photos, news, events and have regular competitions. Doll Observers – the social network for fashion doll lovers

The site is perfectly organised for anything we need. Picture upload is very fast and easy, the layout is clear and the ads are not annoying. A perfect source of communication of every doll fan!


How to make close-up shots of Barbie

If you have to make a close-up shot of your Barbie you shouldn’t forget that being too close to her face can cause her face look too white afterwards, because the flash might be too extreme. It’s better to be more at a distance and to zoom-in. Then your face shot will look perfect. See in Your beautiful face my experiments. You can always brighten the look afterwards with photo editing software.


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