About me

About me


I started collecting quite suddenly, when I was in a shopping mall and saw Barbie dolls. I decided to buy just one, to remember my childhood, when I made clothes for my dolls. Since I bought this one doll I have started collecting. You know how it goes!

Below you will see the posts I am most proud of. They also show the whole range of topics I post about.


Barbie Wedding Collection

My first collection was dedicated to the wedding theme. What can be more beautiful? Some dresses, which you will see in this post are bought, but most of them are made by me.


Exclusive hairstyles

Experimenting with Barbie hair requires the same effort as with our own. Dolls have different hair styles – just like people. They need an individual approach – just like people. If you do it right, you can always enjoy the result!


Royal wedding. The wedding dress of Kate Middleton

I always watch royal weddings to see how different are the dresses there from the ones we can see at the usual weddings. Catherine’s wedding was one of the most watched and I was fascinated with the whole ceremony. My replica is not that perfect as the original, but decently represents her dress.


Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen’s novels had inspired not one film. So many attempts have been made to recreate the world of her characters in movies, books, documentary films. I tried to do that by making the dresses that reflect that time correctly. It was my first attempt, so don’t be too harsh on me.


What if Marilyn survived!

I was never a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, but her biography is really touching and mysterious. Once, after having watched one of her films, I imagined what would have been if she had survived that night… Well, there you see my version of the story.


Natalie Pushkina. The wife of the greatest Russian poet

Biographies of famous people, who made history, are not only interesting, they can teach us a lot, as well. Here is one example.



“Emma” is my favourite novel among all Jane Austen’s masterpieces. I like the main character – Emma – very much. How smart, witty, cheerful and naive is she at times! This time my costumes are a bit better and in general the whole quality of production is higher!

Anne Boleyn

The Tudor women of Henry VIII

I enjoy reading about English history. My favourite period is the Tudor dynasty. I recreated the costumes and the main events of Henry VIII’s life and his wives. This idea brought 7,500 people in one day to my site – all thanks to Anne Boleyn, whose unforgettable personality still raises so much interest in the world.


Barbie Fantasies Life

Quite unexpectedly I decided to film some events of my dolls’ lives. Just everyday situations with a little bit of wit, humour and wisdom.

There is a lot more to come!

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