21 May. World Day for Cultural Diversity

barbiefantasiesThis holiday celebrates the cultural diversity around the world. We should remember that we are all different and that it’s a great thing for us because we can learn so much from each other! So many countries, so many languages, so many traditions! It would be so boring to live in a world with one language and culture. Let’s look at various nationalities and what we love them for!

african-american barbie

African-American people opened to us the world of jazz, gospel and soul. These people have amazing voices that we have been admiring for decades. They are very strong people, in their soul and body. They are very open and emotional which makes them so attractive. They are great singers, great dancers, great sportsmen.


When I travelled across Belarus I expected to see the supressed country and people who are afraid of each other. What I saw was very surprising! It was very calm, comfortable on the streets, new houses, very clean cities, and very friendly people. There was no aggression, no fear. I noticed that Belarusians are very open and friendly, which is a rare thing nowadays, especially, in capitalistic countries! Minsk, their capital is very green, modern, beautiful. I would never think that this country can unite East and West so beautifully!


Brazil is a country of huge discrepancies, which makes it very attractive. I always liked Brazilian people for their cute Portuguese language, their amazing carnivals, their delicious food and very warm personalities. They value traditions but keep up with modern demands of their society.


There is not enough space here to describe one of the richest and oldest cultures in our world. I love everything English – the language, the architecture, the fashion, the history, their humour, the traditions. They are ones of the few filmmakers who can portray the history so well in their modern films and TV series. Their manners can be labelled as being stiff upper lip but their politeness is still pleasant and admirable!


Finnish people are famous for keeping up the highest scores for the quality of their education. They have beautiful nature, the incredible Northern landscapes and their great saunas.


Nothing can offer more variety than France – great for skiing in the North, beautiful beaches in the South, delicious food, great fashion, the funniest comedies, advanced technology and love for their land at the same time. They are great communicators, and they have the most beautiful language in the world!

german (2)

German clean streets, cosy houses, advanced technology and medicine brought them fame all over the world. They live to work, don’t spend much time being lazy. They value their time and security in life which makes life in their country quite stable and comfortable.


We love Irish pubs, very cheerful dances and the endless green fields of their landscape. Irish people respect their traditions and family values. They are very hospitable and friendly.


Mexican food, nature and festive spirit are known to everyone. Their artistic nature helped them create this beautiful music, love to dance and many talented writers. Their respect for Catholic religious traditions make them very close to their families. The Mexicans are very hospitable and you’ll always feel welcome in their country.


The Russian culture is very diverse, too. They cook delicious food, their women are considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world, their country has vast landscapes with very hot summer and very cold winter. The Russian open character unites hospitality and pride of their history, unique sense of humour and deep feelings of sadness, the ability to survive everywhere, the passion for art. They gave to the world Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Tolstoy and other great writers and musicians.


Czech people have the unique combination of an Eastern friendliness and Western restraint. Their food is very tasty, their country is pleasant, has great touristic destinations and their capital Prague is beautiful, affordable and picturesque.


The American film industry, represented by Hollywood, has offered us many great musicals, comedies and movies of many other genres. The technical advancement of American society is famous everywhere. The country unites so many nationalities with their different opinions, traditions and values under one roof. Their singers, dancers and writers has made their art very distinctive and diverse. The American people are very friendly, easy to talk to, funny and not very influenced by prejudice. Their many achievements are being followed by many other countries of our world.

Isabelle - Holidays

It’s not possible to describe every nation but this small description can help us all remember that the differences exist not to divide us but to bring us more closely together!

Your holiday observer,


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